If you reach the limit of your plan, your requests will return a 429 error. To increase your limit you can choose a higher plan or buy additional requests in the billing tab.

In addition, there is a rate limit - 30 requests per 10 seconds from one IP address. If you need more please contact us. You can bypass this limit with an enterprise subscription. Cache does not affect this limit.

Google limits

Google also imposes limits on spreadsheets API:

  • 100 requests per 100 seconds per user
  • variable limit of requests per one spreadsheet (for 100 seconds)

Both limits cannot be changed but you can bypass them using cache. You can enable the cache in your API settings. SheetDB limit will be counted as regular.

Cache also speeds up response time a lot, if you plan to make a large number of GET requests turn on cache and prepare it using the Load cache or Refresh cache button in the cache tab of your API settings page.